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My name is Susan Lovig, and I am a happily married mother of four with a passion for sharing what the Lord teaches me.  Before my real life started (motherhood and homeschooling), I was a professional teacher with a specialty in learning styles and remedial reading.  Once my children arrived, the Lord began directing down different paths than I could have ever expected – and in my spare time I have written/published Picture Words: A Phonics Reader (Books 1-3, carried in the Rainbow Resource catalog), speak at homeschool conferences, run a successful internet business selling my sewing inventions (washable refills for swiffers, among others), take my wares to craft shows, and help moms make the transition to cloth diapering.  Of course, this is in addition to my full-time occupation as a homeschooling mom and my less-than-stellar housekeeping.

While I could never be considered the ultimate expert in any fields, I greatly enjoy speaking in front of and sitting down with peers to show them what I have discovered.  Teaching and speaking energize me, and my enthusiasm is contagious.  I would be delighted to come and share my knowledge with the families that attend your next conference, and ask that you would consider the subjects I have to offer.

Below the photos, you will find descriptions of each workshop, along with links to each class's thorough notes.  Where available, you will also find links to download audio recording of the class.

Please let me know if you need any further information – or for that matter, call me up and quiz me to get a feel for who I really am (and if I’ll be putting anyone to sleep)! I look forward to being a part of your convention and blessing those the Lord chooses to send to my workshops.

For references, I would send you to:

  • Nancy Bjorkman of Heppner's Legacy.  She has been a great encouragement, actually being the one who spurred me into speaking at conferences in the first place!
  • Carol Barnier of Sizzle Bop.  She has been a terrific supporter of my books, and is assisting me in finding a publisher.
  • Paula Sutton of Paula's Bread – A dear friend and a popular speaker/exhibitor at many conferences.

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Class Descriptions:

Figuring out Your Child’s Learning Styles

How does your child naturally absorb information, and what does their brain do with it afterward?  No, it’s not really a black hole in there...  Why is Kyle so jumpy and fidgety?  Why does Mary always doodle in the margins?  Why can’t Carol stop commenting when I’m reading aloud?  How can I turn those tendencies around to actually speed up their learning?  Why do some of my children focus on details, but miss the big picture, and others can’t find details with GPS and a guide dog?  I study best at a neat desk in a quiet room, but my spouse thinks the greatest thoughts in the midst of absolute chaos– how can we be so different, and what do my children need?  Getting a handle on all of these aspects makes it so much easier to understand how your student interacts with their homeschooling, as well as why you are reacting the way you do to your student!  Come for a fun, lively, fact-filled session that will forever impact the way you teach!
A note to the organizer: This class really digs into the various categories of learning styles with many details and examples. It’s a “meat and potatoes” class with plenty of humor - since most folks, regardless of learning styles, learn best when laughing!

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Bending the Curriculum to Your Child,

and Not the Other Way Around!

You have a perfectly good curriculum– it worked well for your first child, but this second one just isn’t getting it!  Reading your history books aloud works for four of your five students, but the fifth one is doing worse every day.  Math takes two hours when it should take twenty minutes, and both you and your student are fed up with it.  How do you cope when the curriculum just doesn’t make sense to your child?  It’s not as hard as it seems.  We always start by trying to fit our students “through the front door” of the curriculum.  Come let me show you how to use “the back door,” “the window,” “the crawl space-” or for that matter, “the front yard!!”

Click here for class notes.


Family Harmony through Learning Styles

“My brother is just weird – I don’t get him.”  “She’s doing that just to drive me nuts!”  “Why doesn’t he understand what I’m trying to say?”  Sound familiar?  How can you raise up a child in the way he should go if you don’t understand how he has been designed by God?  Knowing how he takes in information helps you know how to present it.  Understanding the way she organizes new material and relates it to the world helps you see why her approach to a situation is so different from yours.  Once you get a handle on the learning styles of yourself and your family, you can begin helping them to understand and value each other.  Get ready to celebrate, rather than tolerate, the differences in your home!
A note to the organizer: In this class, we cover just enough information on learning styles to provide a framework.  As the framework is established, we focus (with much humor) on knowing how to help the different learning styles relate to and understand each other!

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Am I going to Survive this

Strong-Willed Child?

Parenting isn't boring - it can threaten one's sanity, especially if the Lord has gifted you with a strong-willed child.  Are you struggling through those early years of training, with the 45 minute several-times-each-day battles?  Have you been praying to the Lord, begging for a little insight - or at least a good idea?  Come and be encouraged.  Your strong-willed child has been specifically designed to change the world.  Your task is to help them learn how to use their stubbornness for good - and not evil!  The path is not easy, and no one can lessen the task ahead of you, but the rewards are incredible.
A note to the organizer: This class was co-written by my strong-willed daughter and myself, blending insights from both perspectives.  This class evokes quite a response!!

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Removing the Frustration of Reading

My son is the type of student who hates not knowing what he is doing, and at the age of eight, was still really struggling to get a handle on reading.  Those pesky b’s and d’s kept switching around on him, and there were too many letter sounds to keep straight.  Frustration at the unknown would assail him within the first few minutes of each lesson, and he would shut down.  None of the reading programs I looked at were fitting the bill (or my budget), so I began writing my own system!  The more I worked through the process of reading, the more I discovered that our language really isn’t that complicated – 95% of it is actually quite logical and predictable (I was a remedial reading specialist before I had my own children, but I never knew any of this)!   Rather you are teaching beginning readers, or trying to remediate a reluctant reader, the concepts I’ve discovered can really help.  Come have your own “aha” moments– and see how logical our language really is!  I have discovered wonderful things I can’t wait to share with you!

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Searching for a Calgone Moment

It’s hard enough being a wife and mother – can I really do justice to being a teacher as well?  Where do you find the time and energy?  How do you deal with those moments of knowing that you really aren’t good enough?  Susan has lived life on both sides of the educational fence – spending 11 years as a public school teacher before becoming a mother/homeschooler/speaker/author/professional seamstress/secretary/homemaker.  (And she thought life was busy back then – what delightful ignorance.)  Come peak over the “fence” and see how homeschooling truly compares to public school.  In Susan’s humorous and realistic style, you’ll find peace and encouragement (you don’t even want to know how many times motherhood interrupted the writing of this description). Be assured - your worst day of homeschooling is still better for your children than public school’s best days!

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Can I Really Homeschool?

Is this Homeschooling Thing Really for Our Family?

Have you begun to wonder if you can really do this?  If perhaps you are doing more damage than good?  Or perhaps you are considering rather or not to begin homeschooling but it seems overwhelming?  Come and hear encouraging, practical thoughts from a (gasp) former public school teacher who now homeschools her own brood of four.  God does not make junk, nor did He give you the wrong child!  If He has put it on your heart to homeschool, He will provide a joyful way.  We’ll cover surprising facts about your ability to homeschool vs. what professional teachers can do, where and how to start in each of the major curriculum areas and where to find the resources you need to make your own homeschool perfect for your family.

Click here for class notes.


Teaching Your Child (or Yourself) to Sew

Whether you are looking for meaningful projects to engage your beginning seamstress or money-saving ways to use your dusty sewing machine, this workshop will get you started.  My no-patterns-needed common sense approach to sewing is all about providing what your family needs– while engaging your beginning seamstress in practical, skill-building projects!  We’ll cover the basics of using a sewing machine, discuss types/sources of fabric and thread, and then dive into a bevy of practical, economical, fun projects that teach the basic skills needed for sewing.  Specific projects will include table napkins, washcloths, aprons, curtains, patching pants, hemming shorts, repairing jeans, and much more!   Get ready to make that sewing machine earn its space! (No equipment necessary for this class.)
A note to the organizer: While not being strictly “academic”, this workshop packs in the participants!  There are so many moms who have no mentor/experience in this area, and have just been floundering around – wishing for some direction!  There are so many “oohs” and “ahhs” – not to mention “could you pass that around?” – that I truly love to teach this one!

Click here for the class notes - with pictures!


Training Your Built-In Labor Force

The Psalmist says, “Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth.  Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!”  Think about that – arrows are not decorations, they are valuable, useful tools.  The Lord has blessed you with children to raise and teach – so teach them how to be useful members of the family!  Starting at a very early age, children desire to be helpful, valued members of the family.  This seminar will give you practical ideas for how to organize and delegate your household chores to those willing toddlers and more capable older children – starting on Monday.  Become the manager of your household, rather than the servant – and avoid the daily battles with burnout and crabbiness that come from trying to do it all yourself.

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Going Beyond Extreme Couponing

I am always looking for ways to save my family’s budget, and I wondered – could extreme couponing really work?  The answer is a conditional “yes”.  You can save hundreds of dollars per year on products you actually need and use, but it has to be done with wisdom and perspective– which I am here to share!  I’ll divulge all the secrets, tips and tricks I’ve learned for buying with coupons, as well as the hidden pitfalls, traps and snares that stores lay out for the unsuspecting.  More than that, though, there are wonderful ways not to even need coupons…  I never have to buy bread, toilet paper, laundry detergent, disposable diapers, cleaning solutions, air fresheners, or toothpaste–  I’ll show you how to do the same!  This is my ultimate How-To-Pinch-Pennies class!  Even Steve and Annette Economides, known as “America’s Cheapest Family”, have told me that I do more to save money on groceries than they ever have!

Click here for class notes.

Click here for the homemade laundry soap recipe.

Click here to download the audio for Going Beyond Extreme Couponing.


Breadmaking and So Much More

All good homeschool moms make their own bread from their own freshly ground flour – right?  Well, not if it takes all day!  I’ve been making bread for 30 years– most of that the hard way and with store-bought flour.  Not so anymore!  I’ve learned how, in under one hour, to grind my flour and have nine loaves of bread, two pizzas, and two pans of monkey bread ready for the oven– and my family loves the flavor!  (After tasting a store-bought cookie, my 8-year old whispered to me that “They must have forgotten to read the cookie manuel.”  My eldest son tells me that nothing is better than Mama’s fresh bread with homemade peanut butter.  Come and find out how to simplify your bread-making efforts, what bread from freshly ground wheat tastes like (yes – we have taste-tests), how filling up your family with nutritious home-ground flour will reduce your grocery budget (we save $40 per week), how to use fresh wheat in your own pancakes, muffin, cookie, and cake mixes, and how to store wheat cheaply in rodent and weather-proof containers. Did you know that freshly ground wheat provides so much nutrition that your family will only need 1/2 of their normal amount of bread to be filled and satisfied? This is particularly useful if you have boys!!

Click here for the class notes.


Once-a-month Cooking for the Busy Family

“What’s for dinner?”  Of all of our chores, preparing meals is the least forgiving.  It can’t be put off or done at a “more convenient” time – or can it?  This workshop will give you the tools to bring the beast of meal preparation under control – on your schedule.  Topics will include an in-depth look at once-a-month cooking, bulk cooking techniques, co-op cooking, cooking by sales, food preservation (dehydrating, vacuum sealing, & long-term food storage), and meal planning.  I believe in specifics, so you will walk away with my favorite freezer recipes, a knowledge of how to adapt your favorite recipes for freezing, and a list of great books/software/resources to get you going on Monday!  Once you’ve experienced the savings in time, energy, money and peace of mind, you’ll be hooked!

Click here for class notes.


Cloth Diapering (and toilet training) 101

Two certain ways to earn a strange look are to say, “Yes, I homeschool,” and “Yes, I use cloth diapers.”  Those choices are completely alien to a culture built on convenience – but they are a natural combination for us!  When I chose to cloth diaper (purely for financial reasons), I braced myself for a horrible, smelly, self-sacrificing burden – and found it to be anything but!  Come see how easily, economically, and realistically you can fit cloth diapering into your family’s busy way of life – all the while saving $2500 per baby (think about how much curriculum that can buy!).  We’ll talk about the stunning variety of options available, simple ways to manage messes and laundry, how toilet training comes faster and easier with cloth diapers, and seek to answer all of your questions.  Babies and toddlers are particularly welcome!

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New Classes in development for 2016:


Getting the Random Child to FOCUS!!

Are you a logical, straightforward person?  And did the Lord bless you with a seemingly impossible-to-understand, constantly distracted, incredibly unorganized child?  Is homeschooling your random child like trying to keep an enthusiastically bounding puppy walking calmly (and yes - FORWARD) on a balance beam?  Honestly, how many times do you need to give an instruction before they can remember it??    Yup.  I should have know when I married one of those random people that we would conceive one as well!  I hear many parents moaning that while that child is their sweetest one, they just don’t know what to do with them!!  There is hope – and more joy than you may ever have imagined in raising one of these treasures.  Come for a humorous look at the design of your child – and learn how to use this child’s strengths, weaknesses, desires, and natural talents to move you both towards your goals.  The more you understand, the more you can help your child understand him/herself.  Knowing “why” always makes the “how” easier.  Who knows - you might even figure out things about your spouse (or in-laws)!
A note to the organizer: This class is also being co-written, but with my very random child this time.  Here I focus more on getting the parents to understand what moves this child, than in ways to change the child.  I teach them how to work with the design God gave their child, rather than trying to redesign them.


Having an EXPLOSIVELY Fun Science Day

Call everyone up and plan a fun science day for your homeschooling circle!  What better way to start the school year with a bang?  or end it with a blast?  With crowd-pleasing, education-packed, hands-on fun learned at the feet of Steve Spangler (before he became nationally known), Susan will prepare you to go forth and put on the best science day ever!  Don't plan on napping during this class!!


The Art of Public Speaking

When I was 10, my dad wanted me to give a 10 minute prepared speech IN PUBLIC!  When I tried to decline, he made a deal with me.  "Try it once (giving it your best effort), and if you don't like it, I'll never ask you to do it again."  Well... here I am.  I guess it worked!  :-)  You may have a budding speaker on your hands (though they probably would deny it, as I did), or simply children who need to know how to speak publicly when the need arises.  This class will equip you with a simple method for guiding them through the process of learning to stand up and speak with confidence in front of strangers - taught by a gal who was terrified of public speaking herself (before she fell in love with it).


A Bit of Educational Theory

When I trained to be a licensed teacher, we spent most of our time learning group management techniques (how to keep them quiet, keep them busy, and develop measurable goals), 25% learning educational theory (how the brain works and how to work with the brain), 15%  on whatever was our area of special interest, and the remaining 10% split between learning to work the copying machine and negotiating school politics!  The vast majority of what a public school teacher learns has no bearing on homeschooling – except for that educational theory.  I have come to realize, over the years of homeschool and talking to homeschoolers, that I have really benefited from that portion of my teacher’s education.  In this class, I’ve put together the most useful “ah-ha’s” from educational theory as it relates to teaching one’s own children.  Don’t be intimated by the subject – it’s actually quite fun to learn about (and terribly satisfying to apply to your children).



A final note to the organizer: I know that sewing, bread-making, freezer cooking, and such classes aren’t strictly “homeschool” topics, but they meet the needs of busy moms!  If we moms don’t have peace about the way our household is running, we are much less successful in our homeschooling.  My sewing, cooking, and bread classes are always heavily attended, and I receive so many thank-you emails from moms who attended afterwards – I absolutely love teaching those subjects.  Even if you haven’t included off-topic classes like these in the past, I would really encourage you to offer mom the option this year!  It will bless their hearts and ease their minds – and give them a break from heavy curriculum-related thoughts.

Thank you!



What follows are pictures from my three books - designed to help children learn how to read!

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