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Minky Face Cradle Covers
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Minky Face Cradle Covers

Price per Unit (piece): $17.75

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Minky Covers are:

* fitted with elastic in the hem to stay put, yet quick and easy to slip on/off
* moderately sized to fit any cradle - but not for those with heavy padding added 
* a polyester fabric that is amazing at sluffing off makeup stains (with a bit of stain-remover applied) - even those of a 'Tammy Faye' 
*as plush as velvet, but as durable as those '70's polyester pants 
* colorful, yet colorfast in the wash 
*wash and wear very nicely - wrinkle resistent

Please note that only the top of these covers are made from the very expensive Minky fabric. The sides are made from the same high-quality flannel as my flannel covers.

You will also notice that when you order, you are asked to select your colors in quantities of 4.  This allows my pattern and the fabrics to work together ideally - to keep the price low for you without creating odd leftovers for me.  I do usually have a small stock of odd-man-out covers, though, so if you are looking for a bargain, feel free to email!


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“Thanks for all the info, you really helped to clear up my confusion about how much stuff we need.” --Melody

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