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Comfort Craft Loose-Fit Linens

Price per Unit (piece): $20.75

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Given the mid-split of the Comfort Craft tables, many of my clients wish to have separate sheets for the torso and the body cushion. The most economical solution for this is to alter a Twin XL fitted sheet into two appropriately sized segments. The resulting fit is generous enough to stretch over the arm extensions of the body cushion, if you have chosen that option. These even work well with the lateral motion of the new Model 850 - although one has to manually shift extra fabric to the side to avoid interference with the pivoting point.

The price quoted above is for my labor to alter a Twin XL fitted sheet, and does not include the purchase price of the sheets themselves or the shipping costs. Sheet selection is a very personal issue (cotton, percale, flannel - not to mention colors), and we will deal with that directly between the two of us when you order your sheets.


Typically, when I am doing a custom order for Comfort Craft tables, the most effective way to get quality fabric is to buy high thread count sheet sets from the store. In the past, I have used Younker's Savannah 500 count sheets sets, although their local store has gone the way of JCPenney and Hancock Fabrics (closed). You are also welcome to sheets yourself and have your choices shipped to me. If you would like to have me do the shopping for you, that is my specialty! I am frequently blessed in the prices I find.


If you aren't finding a good deal on Twin XL sheets, we have two other options:


A. I can alter Twin flat sheets for an additional charge of $3.75 per set (to cover the effort and materials of creating the elastic channel).


B. If you are ordering 4 sets of linens, we can use 3 King Size sheet sets to do the job. The additional alteration fee of $3.75 for creating fitted sheets applies. An alteration fee of $6.60 per finished sheet will provide you with appropriately sized flat sheets to match.





To give you a good idea of the process, here are the details for an order created on 3-1-15 for a returning customer of mine. Name and location have been omitted for privacy:


Dear ____,


I am looking forward to making more sheets for you!


As we left it on the phone, you are going to look for the XL Twin cotton sheets you like - if possible getting the store to send them directly to me. I can alter a flat sheet to become the two fitted sheets you need quite nicely - or I can alter fitted sheets to become the two necessary segments.


We discussed the fact that you would like to have a closely fitted mattress pad for the torso cushion and the body cushion of your Comfort Craft Model 850. This is a standard item that I make for many Comfort Craft customers - as it makes good sense to protect your table's upholstery! The cost for those two mattress pads together is $80 + shipping.


In the estimates below, the term a "set of Comfort Craft fitted sheets" is defined as: 1 loosely fitted sheet for the torso pad 1 loosely fitted sheet for the body pad each made to fit just like the flannel sheets you ordered in 2013



Altering 50 fitted XL twin sheets to create 50 sets of Comfort Craft fitted sheets alteration fee of $20.75 per set sales tax of $1.25 per set Total cost for alterations: $1100 Note: if flat XL twin sheets arrive in sets with the fitted ones, no alterations will be made to them - they will simply be forwarded to you with the altered fitted sheets


Altering 50 flat XL twin sheets to create to create 50 sets of Comfort Craft fitted sheets alteration fee of $24.50 per set sales tax of $1.50 per set Total cost for alterations: $1300 Note: as we discussed, I will assume that you are retaining an equal number of matching flat sheets for your own use if you send me 50 flat sheets


Altering 39 sets of King Size sheets* to make 50 sets of Comfort Craft fitted sheets and 50 flat sheets alteration fee of $24.50 for each pair of fitted sheets alteration fee of $6.60 for the creation of each flat sheet sales tax of $1.90 per set Total cost for alterations: $1650


Shipping will depend on the weight of the sheets you choose - but I shall find you the least expense method available. Last time, it was $313 when I mailed the 50 complete sheet sets by Fed Ex.


*If your source for sheets doesn't please you, I highly recommend going with King Size Elite Home Savannah 500 count sheets from Younkers. I have been using them for my other Comfort Craft clients, and the results have been excellent - they are a truly divine quality. These sheets are marked at a full price of $140 per King Size set - but if I wait for a really good sale, I can get them for $32 per set ($1248 for enough fabric to fulfill your order - or $25 for each of your 50 sets). This is less than most other options I can see, since you are wanting 400 count or better. There is the further benefit of free shipping from the store to my shop - which could be a tidy initial savings for you. You can see the various colors available at this website (they may still be low on the cream color, since I just ordered 72 sets of that for another client):




I stay clear of JCPenney now-a-days. Their quality just can't be trusted anymore, and their prices are unreasonable in my professional opinion. As you can tell from my comments above and below, Younkers is now my best source. Here are their next-best options to the 500 count sheet described above (although nothing comes close to the value of them). I highly recommend visiting a Younkers before choosing any of the sets listed below - just to be sure you like their feel.


The best price I can find for a 225 count DEEP RED sheet set is $18 per set. http://www.younkers.com/sc1/query/twin%20xl%20sheet/livingquarters-loft-cabernet-red-225-thread-count-percale-sheet-set-768620.html


At a thread count of only 350, these twin XL sheets are $35 per set - more than the 500 count sets I can get on sale. http://www.younkers.com/sc1/query/twin%20xl%20sheet/elite-home-products-camden-egyptian-cotton-sateen-350-thread-count-sheet-set-327300.html


If you want a smooth satin sheet, you could consider these for $25 per set. http://www.younkers.com/sc1/query/twin%20xl%20sheet/scent-sation-inc-charmeuse-satin-sheet-sets-515320.html


For polyester microfiber sheets, you can find twin XL at $20 per set. These have a nice range of colors available, but will probably be somewhat rough. http://www.younkers.com/sc1/query/twin%20xl%20sheet/livingquarters-easy-care-microfiber-solid-sheet-sets-482359.html



It is so lovely to be working with you again!


God bless,


Susan 563-920-5427


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