Washable Refills for Wet Jets
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Washable Refills for Wet Jets

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I debated long and hard on the best way to do these covers, and finally decided on the most absorbent, thirsty material known to man: Indian pre-fold twill (the fabric used to make diaper-service quality cloth diapers for infants).  An interesting fact about Indian twill – it becomes MORE ABSORBENT every time it is washed! Unlike terry cloth, the longer you use these cloths, the MORE EFFECTIVE they become!  The average lifespan for one of these is 8 dozen washings.

  • Each cloth has been pre-washed 3+ times to give them a good initial absorbancy, and can absorb 1 full cup of water – without dripping! (This will improve with each washing.)
  • The center of each cloth attaches firmly to the Wet Jet with strips of Velcro, and is 8 layers thick.
  • The wings of each cloth have been doubled over sewn down - giving you the 8-layer absorbancy without excessively long and floppy flaps. These doubled-over flaps extend 2" in front and behind.
  • The sides of the cloth extend 1” beyond the Wet Jet to give you excellent side coverage as well.
  • These cloths can be washed right along with your towels or rags and dried on any heat setting - it's best to avoid bleach and fabric softener, though, which dramatically diminish the cloth's absorbancy and life.


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