Duster Refills for Swiffer Sweepers
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Duster Refills for Swiffer Sweepers

Price per Unit (Package of 3): $15.00

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For cleaning your floor, I make cloths for the Swiffer Floor Sweeper (aqua or lime colored). These cloths also fit the sweeper/vac products, as well.

You never realize until your baby is crawling around on the floor just how dirty your floors really get in a day! I began wanting to sweep every day, but was not about to pay that much in disposable cloths, so I started experimenting on my sewing machine...

These clothes actually pick up and hold more than the disposable ones - check out the picture! I use high-loft, soft fabrics: fleece and chenille. First, I use the fleece side, as it does a superior job of capturing pet hair, grass, dust, and even small bits of trash. Then, I flip the cloth over and use the absorbent chenille to soak up puddles of water and scrub up little spots. When I'm done, I whap the loose debris out over the porch railing, and throw the whole thing in the wash! Voila - money saved, and floors cleaned!


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