3 Duster Refills for Swiffer
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3 Duster Refills for Swiffer

Price per Unit (Package of 3): $20.00

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A Set of 3 Washable Swiffer Duster Cloths:

These cloths actually pick up and hold as much, if not more dust than the disposable ones - and they even hold the dust in better when shaken than the disposable ones!! (I had my enthusiastic, heavily muscled husband try to shake the dust out, and he only got the large clumps to fall off when he "thwacked vigorously" in the air.) Simply slip the dust cover on the stick, fluff the four layers up, dust, and throw it in the wash. Voila - money saved, and dust coraled! On average, you can expect 3 dozen washings out of each cloth - any load, any setting - no special care required.

Colors are a random selection of what we have on hand - usually quite a wide range (so if you have strong preferences, let us know and we'll do our best to match them).

Bulk pricing available!

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