Wide Half-Size Warm Bag

Wide Half-Size Warm Bag

Price per Unit (piece): $28.00

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“AB-solute Comfort Bag” This wide half-size warm bag takes 2 ½ pounds of (cheap) long grain rice to be filled. Heat in the microwave for 2-3 minutes (depending on your microwave). Then drape it over your ails! Backaches: Drape across the base of your chair, and ease yourself back for warm comfort. Abdominal Cramps: Snuggle up to the comfort and let the pains ease. Sore Muscles, Chills: Tuck the heated bag against whatever needs comfort. Care and Washing: Just empty of rice, wash fabric in any cycle, dry, and refill! Caution: Use common sense. Never over-heat the bag or your little one!

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