Picture Words of Wisdom
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Picture Words of Wisdom

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Pictures Words of Wisdom Once you have completed Picture Words: The First Book and Picture Words: The Second Book – we invite you to pick up this book! Full of fun stories, pithy quotes, and witty proverbs, this book is simply worth the reading. The extra practice you’ll gain by working through this book will help you to soar in your reading skill and confidence. I was trained as a remedial reading teacher, but no one ever mentioned phonics in my training. In the process of teaching my own children, I have discovered connections and relationships between the letters that make so much sense – ones I’ve never seen anyone else explain. It turns out that our language isn’t nearly as complicated or disorganized as I’d always assumed! If you are tired of teaching phonics as a list of dry rules to less-than-contented students, I hope this book will be a blessing to you and yours! “I like the colorful pictures as well as the wonderful explanations. I think my struggling reader would have done really well with this, although I think it would be good for all kids, not just struggling readers.” -Marylin Boyer of The Learning Parent “I just wanted to say that when I brought Picture Words home to my son, he absolutely LIT UP! He was so excited to be able to "see" the difference between letters like "b" and "d"! I actually find him sitting in a chair reading through this book instead of dragging him to the couch to do his reading. We are both very grateful that God gave you a vision to write this book!” -S.P. from North Dakota “We are enjoying the Picture Words . My son is still struggling, but I do finally see improvement. I have him start at the and go as fast as he can in 10 minutes, then mark the spot. He is still sounding out almost all of the words, but he is starting to read some without. Thank you!” -S.W. from Wisconsin


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