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Wherever you are in the continuum, I've either just been there or have been living there for some time!! :-)

These marvelous things are both what I use on my babies' bottoms and in my sewing business. I have to order them in huge quantities from their overseas manufacturers, so I started offering the extra dozens to diapering moms to help me manage my inventory and stomach the cost of those large orders!  Now, I order more diapers for you than me - but I stilll keep the costs as low as possible.  Helping moms save their budget with cloth diapers is more of a ministry than a business for our family.  That is why I always encourage moms to call me as they sort out all their questions and quandries!


Toddler Diaper Dozen

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Thank you for [your diapering] video! I was so impressed that I looked up your website. I was so impressed with your website, that I ordered from you. Then, I am so impressed with your personal customer service, that I'm going to tell all my friends about you and mention you in my blog!

I purchased cloth diapers from you at NICHE this year, thinking I would "give it a try" and "as a stay at home mom, I could just use the cloth ones at home." Well, this has caught full fire in our household, going nearly all cloth even on days when we leave the house from 8:30am to 8:30pm!

“Thanks for all the info, you really helped to clear up my confusion about how much stuff we need.” --Melody

“I just wanted to say thank-you for having such a detailed and helpful website! I'm due in 5 weeks with my 1st and have decided to go cloth. Cloth is SO confusing!!! I've been reading everywhere online and still have tons of questions. But your website answered more than the professional cloth diapering blogs!!!! So thank-you thank-you thank-you!!!” --Shyloh

“My boyfriend has guzzled me out of a house and a home with regards to your delicious Chai, so I just placed an order for refills.” --Tanya