Hot Pads - set of 2
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Hot Pads - set of 2

Price per Unit (piece): $17.00

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I tried for two years to find a decent hot pad - searching every store I had cause to enter. Then, I remembered I could sew!! (sigh)


These hot pads are made from two layers of the thickest towels I can buy, and triple-sewn around the edges with brilliantly beautiful quilting fabrics.  Because I use no insulation or batting in the center, the hot pads are flexible and wash perfectly - yet they are thick enough to protect me from the burn of cast-iron heated on the wood stove.  Neither my husband (with his big beefy hands) or I have ever felt the heat penetrate these large, pliable hot pads.


My color selections are constantly changing - each new towel matched with the perfect accent in 100% cotton quilting fabric - each combination produced only 12 times.  You are welcome to email me for photos of the current inventory, send me samples of the colors you want me to match, or request custom combinations.  I try to keep at least 30 designs in stock at all times - so I might very well have just the hot pads you desire!


Each order provides you with a pair of hot pads, and the price does include shipping.


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“Thanks for all the info, you really helped to clear up my confusion about how much stuff we need.” --Melody

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