Washable Swiffer Max Cloths
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Washable Swiffer Max Cloths

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For cleaning your floor, I make cloths for the Swiffer Floor Sweeper (aqua or lime colored). I make the very same cloth for the Swiffer Max size. You can keep and use all four flaps, but the two end flaps are just for extra security and can easily be cut off if you find them to be too bulky. I prefer to over-engineer my products so that the customer can have choices!

You never realize until your baby is crawling around on the floor just how dirty your floors really get in a day! I began wanting to sweep every day, but was not about to pay that much in disposable cloths, so I started experimenting on my sewing machine...

These clothes actually pick up and hold more than the disposable ones - check out the picture! I use high-loft, soft fabrics: fleece and chenille. First, I use the fleece side, as it does a superior job of capturing pet hair, grass, dust, and even small bits of trash. Then, I flip the cloth over and use the absorbent chenille to soak up puddles of water and scrub up little spots. When I'm done, I whap the loose debris out over the porch railing, and throw the whole thing in the wash! Voila - money saved, and floors cleaned!


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